Climate Change Conference Santiago 2019

Countries must raise ambition – we need to stay below 1.5° to stay alive

COP 25 – What is it about?

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The next international climate change conference (COP25) will take place in Santiago de Chile from 2 to 13 December 2019.

After finalising most parts of the Paris Agreement Work Programme in Katowice in 2018 we need to start with the implementation of the Paris Agreement now:

  • Parties must urgently increase their climate ambition (by raising their emission targets to achieve the 1,5°C average temperature goal)
  • Market and non-market mechanisms must lead to an additional decrease of emissions and respect human and indigenous peoples’ rights as much as they have to empower vulnerable groups and promote gender equality
  • The UNFCCC must strengthen its efforts on gender equality by prolonging the gender work programme including the gender action plan

Getting ready for the Climate Change Conference, June 2019 in Bonn

The next climate change conference that will take place are the 5Oth meetings of the Subsidiary Bodies for Implementation (SBI) and for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) – also known as  intersessionals Bonn / intersessional negotiations.

These meetings bring together mainly administrative staff that will negotiate about the basics of the decisions further negotiated and adopted at COP.

The main focuses will be:

  • Evaluation and future of the Work Programme on Gender and the Gender Action Plan
  • Article 6 about cooperative approaches, markets and non-market instruments
  • Presentation of the technical paper on the topic of human mobility, including migration, displacement and planned relocation as part of the Taskforce on Displacement under the Warsaw International Mechanism on Loss and Damage
  • Meetings/workshops of the Paris Committee on Capacity-building and on Action for Climate Empowerment: Both focus on information and capacity-building of the public

We have organised a webinar for getting ready for SB50 on 12th June 2019. Find the slides on the right, recording will follow soon!

LIFE will be speaking at two side events:

  • On Wednesday 19 June from 15.00-16.30, room Bonn the side event will be about “Integrating human rights in Article 6 mechanisms” – At COP24, parties were unable to reach an agreement on the rules for implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. Article 6 calls for the development of market and non-market mechanisms to support cooperative approaches to climate change mitigation and adaptation. In the discussions at COP24, there was no clear agreement with respect to human rights references in the rules for Article 6 mechanisms. This discussion will explore elements of a rights-based approach to Article 6 mechanisms including human rights safeguards, grievance redress mechanisms, and stakeholder consultations as well as lessons learned from existing mechanisms for international cooperation to address climate change. Speakers: Benjamin Schachter (Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights); E. Ian Fry (Ambassador for Climate Change and Environment, Tuvalu) (TBC); Felipe de Leon (Climate change and renewable energy consultant specializing in GHG metrics and carbon pricing instruments, Costa Rica) (TBC); Erika Lennon (Center for International Environmental Law); Patricia Bohland (LIFE)
  • Check the side event schedule for more events on gender equality and climate change.

What we are doing

LIFE will take part together with a group of climate and feminist advocates at COP25 and help to increase pressure for immediate and gender-just climate action!

We will also follow up on the international climate change agenda throughout the year leading to the Santiago Climate Change Conference:

  • From 9-18 July 2019 the High Level Political Forum on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will take place with a special focus on SDG13 ‘Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts’
  • On September 23 the UN Secretary-General António Guterres will host the Climate Action Summit at the UN Headquarters in New York
  • Shortly after from 24th-25th September the SDG Summit under the auspices of the General Assembly will take place to review progress of all 17 SDGs
  • The Pre-COP will take place in Costa Rica and has the aim to prepare, discuss and smoothen controversies toward COP25