LIFE e.V. is involved in the UN climate negotiations for many years and build a lot of expertise and ressources. Among our other activities we offer webinars and trainings to share our experiences and support feminist activists.


To support feminist climate activists we held three webinars to prepare for and reflect upon the UN climate negotioations COP25 in Madrid. All webinars were held in English and translated into Spanish and French. The transalations can be found on our YouTube channel.

Webinar 1: Feminist Advocacy at the UN Climate Negotiations: Background and Key Outcomes

This webinar took place on Nov 25 2019 and covers background information on the UNFCCC, the role of Gender under the UNFCCC and the Women and Gender Constituency.

Webinar 2: Deep Dive on COP25: Agenda, Advocacy & Action

The second webinar is targeted more concretely towards COP25, covering the overview schedule, Gender entry points as well as briefing papers and the IPCC Special Report on 1.5°C.

Webinar 3: Feminist Reflections on COP25 and What Next

This webinar presents some of the key outcomes and major shortcomings of the recent COP25 climate negotiations held in Madrid. Spain. Feminists will share inputs on the status of some of the key issues raised at COP, from markets to oceans, and what the key next steps are. They will also discuss key aspects of the five year gender action plan that was adopted. There will be an overview of what happened in the ‘People’s Summit’ in Chile and a broad discussion on next steps for building collective action in the context of increasing climate emergency.

The webinars were financed by the GIZ with funds of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The activity was implemented by WEDO and LIFE.

Training Materials

Advocacy Training December 2019

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We held two one-day advocacy trainings at COP25. Both trainings included presentations in plenary as well as group work in break out sessions. Topics addressed included basics on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the structure of climate conferences and actors involved as well as the Paris Agreement.  Furthermore, an introduction to different advocacy activities and strategies, to the Women and Gender Constituency and the agenda of COP25 were discussed.

Getting ready to advocate for climate and gender justice at COP24

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The Gender Justice Advocacy Training COP24 presentation is structured in the following way: Its first part focuses on refreshing knowledge about the UN Climate Change Negotiations, key points including instructions on how to read negotiation language. It then summarises how gender equality got integrated and framed in this process. The third part looks at the Paris Agreement, highlights relevant agenda items for the COP24 agenda, and specifically focuses on items we have identified as relevant for the adoption of the implementation guidelines, including recommendations to preserve the spirit of the Paris Agreement.

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