Local Climate Stories

Climate change severely impacts the life and the reality of many people. Listen to local climate stories and lived experiences to learn more about how:

Women Rising: Voices from Kerala (India)

In August 2018 and September 2019, the State of Kerala in India was battered by the worst flood in a century. The floods took away people’s lands, livelihoods, and lives but was met with extraordinary solidarity amongst people and the State. This short film explores women’s lived realities after the floods from the communities in Trivandrum and Alappuzha, and their initiatives as response measures for environment and climate breakdown.

Women, Sexual & Gender Diverse People Experiences (Fiji)

The “Not Without Us: Women & Sexual & Gender Diverse People Experience” documentary shares insight into the lives of Fijian Women & LGBTQI+ community in relation to climate preparedness and response. As active agents of change, the community shares strategies and interventions that builds their capacity and resilience to address climate change injustices. Concept by Tamani Rarama, Fiji.

Personal stories from frontline victims of climate change impacts (South Africa)

These are personal stories from local frontline victims of climate change impacts, women, whose livelihoods are affected by the rapid changes in the weather patterns, extreme droughts and flooding. The women are telling their life stories on the social injustices they are faced with and solutions they are introducing at local level with little resources and challenges of gender inequalities. They are highlighting risks women are facing. Also, how coming together as women and being part of a group and/or women’s forum helps to build local resilience and finding solutions to their plight.

Women’s Struggle in the Middle of Climate False Solutions (Indonesia)

In 2019, Indonesia faced forest and land fires, in particular in Sumatra and Borneo (Kalimantan). Until September, forest and land fires in Indonesia reached 857.756 ha, including 630.451 ha of mineral land, and 227.304 ha peatland. This climate disaster is happening every year, and causing a lot of impacts to women, society, and ecology. This video is a story about women in central Borneo, Indonesia. In this area, REDD is implemented, it has a Peatland Wetting Program and it is also a mining region. The fires have multilayered impacts on grassroots women. This video shows a community in Central Kalimantan, in particular women farmers. They are in the heart of resistance, and face to face with the palm oil company on the ground. They share experiences as well as their expectation to stop palm oil and other extractives industry in Central Borneo. Concept by Dinda Nuur Annisaa Yura, Solidaritas Perempuan, Indonesia.

Makana: women in the frontlines fighting the extractive industry and climate change (Ecuador)

Women from the Ecuadorian Amazon fight the oil industry nationally and internationally while reconstructing their lives and communities and heal the land polluted by oil. In the cities, urban women support the fight of the Amazonian women and work for climate and feminist justice. They all fight climate change on the ground. A series of short videos show the life stories of indigenous, peasant and urban women in Ecuador.

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