Our objectives and what we do

We stand for social and environmental sustainability. We strive for diversity and inclusion in education, work and society at large. We tackle discrimination and exclusion. We contribute to educational approaches that develop responsibility, cooperation, critical thinking and creativity.

Designing and running pilot projects is integral to our work and enables us to develop new educational concepts and methods. Working with diverse and heterogenous groups of people gives us a practical understanding of how to address their complex needs. Through partnership and networking we disseminate the results of our learning at the regional and international levels. In turn, these links help us to learn from others and to understand our work within the bigger picture.

Leaving school

We conceptualise and implement innovative projects for young people. In particular, we encourage young women to try out technical and manual vocations in order to support them to make well informed and fitting professional choices free of gender stereotypes.

Getting into work

We provide information, advice and guidance as well as professional training to support women from all cultural backgrounds, including those with disabilities, to get into work. We offer integrated tuition for speakers of other languages. Our close cooperation with companies and the government’s labour department are paramount.

Climate action

We implement participatory activities, campaigns and development projects with various civil society actors. We facilitate participatory processes in Berlin and internationally and build capacity to further the recognition of local people’s expertise. We promote gender justice at national and international climate conferences and in the climate debate at large.  

Education and innovative learning

We work with schools to apply collaborative and open learning approaches and to conceptualise new curricular content, using traditional teaching methods and digital media. We contribute to professional development with practical training on exploratory and inquisitive learning.

Inclusion and diversity

In our pilot projects we develop activities in which we promote tolerance, respect and diversity in schools. In this undertaking we work closely and confidentially with those involved to tackle all forms of discrimination, aiming for a sustainable outcome.



Lernerorientierte Qualitätstestierung in der Weiterbildung

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Akkreditierungs- und Zulassungsverordnung Arbeitsförderung

Aktivierung und berufliche Eingliederung, Berufswahl und Berufsausbildung, Berufliche Weiterbildung