Making Green! Future in your hands


With the project “Making Green! Future in your hands” we want to put young people in touch with the dynamic changes in the professional and working world that are triggered by an ecologically sustainable transformation of society.

Hardly any area of life today can do without the many products and services of the more than 100 crafts and trades that offer access to a wide range of interests and talents for young people. In addition, modern crafts businesses are becoming increasingly sustainable, procuring raw materials with low environmental impacts or developing sustainable products themselves, thus offering interesting opportunities to young people who are particularly interested in the environment. Nevertheless, young people seldomly consider a craft profession when choosing a career.


In experience-oriented work camps, young people in the career choice phase can explore the diversity of craft trades and opportunities to help shape a sustainable future in the craft trades. The focus is on having fun by doing something yourself, discovering sustainable principles, getting active and inspiring enthusiasm in others and reflecting on their own career aspirations.


The core of our workcamps is made up of tasks directly from business practice that reflect the ecological challenges faced by the craft trade sector today. The young people solve these tasks in teams and thus become “actors on trial” of a sustainable craft. Depending on the task, they are taught methods or job-related techniques in a short introduction.

Between 2019 and 2020, a total of 18 work camps for 360 participants will be offered in the three federal states of Berlin, Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia. Each camp works on one of the following focal points, but shows the entire diversity in the crafts sector.

  • Health and medical, orthopaedic and rehabilitation technology
  • Mobility and urban development
  • Building and arts and crafts
  • Food, food craft and gastronomy
  • Water and energy management
  • Textile industry, clothing and accessories
  • Building services engineering


In addition to the camps, a variety of activities and materials are offered:

  • Action days for teenagers
  • Appetizer-Workshops
  • Information events for multipliers
  • the qualitative study “Craft, sustainability and digitisation – between tradition and modernity”


One highlight is the supra-regional summit camp with nationwide appeal, which brings together young people from all participating federal states.

All activities are developed and carried out in close cooperation with companies, professionals and those involved in youth and educational work. All partners are committed to the principles of gender- and diversity-sensitive, non-discriminatory education and use methods and concepts from Education for Sustainable Development.

Making green! Future in your hands is being implemented as a joint project by: LIFE Education Sustainability Equality e.V., IZT – Institute for Future Studies and Technology Assessment gGmbH, UnternehmensGrün e.V. – the German Federal association of green economy, VSB gGmbH and ZebiO e.V. – Zentrum für Bioenergie.

The Project is part of the federal ESF programme “Promoting vocational education for sustainable development. Enabling green skills for climate-friendly, resource-efficient action at work. (BBNE)” funded by the Federal Ministry for Environement, Nature Conversation and Nuclear Safety and the European Social Fund for Germany.