National activities

Our teams are organized into the following areas of work:

Antidiscrimination and diversity Diversity and anti-discrimination mechanisms are two sides of the same coin: with our projects we want to positively promote diversity and tackle discriminatory and exclusionary practices.On the one hand we consider how to design and develop schools and informal educational settings to improve inclusion and to ensure a culture of human rights […]

Education and innovative learning Our vision is of a world in which schools are embedded with sustainable, self-determined learning methods informed by theoretical insight. We are driven by a desire for transformation as well as a genuine interest in progress. In a joint endeavour, we work towards realising the potentials of all who learn and […]

Climate action © LIFE e.V.

Climate action

Climate action We promote climate action and sustainable development at the local, regional and international levels. We work on resource protection with a focus on zero waste and the circular economy. We give advice and guidance on energy efficiency and green careers. We undertake projects on just urban development looking at human mobility and urban […]

Getting people into work Whether women have graduated in Germany or abroad, it is our objective to support them in finding qualified and well paid work in Berlin. We encourage women not only to refer to their formal qualifications but also to the skills and competencies that they bring with them from voluntary and care […]

Leaving school © Pfau / LIFE e.V.

Leaving school

Leaving school We support people who are considering where to head professionally. This includes young people in the challenging transition from secondary education into vocational training and people with life and work experiences but no formal qualifications.We encourage all participants to find their own path into professional training and work, despite structural obstacles. We want […]